#AudioML Slack

Audio + Machine Learning = ♥! A Slack community for people interested in processing audio and teaching machines to understand it. Let's discuss our projects, data, methods, tools, solve the problems together and make the next awesome thing!

As the ASPMA course (Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications) at Coursera approached its finish, there were voices in the forum where we would meet afterwards. I realized it would be awesome to make a place for like-minded people to meet.

So I created a channel on Slack for people interested in Audio Processing and Machine Learning. Since Slack channels are invite-only I also set up a simple page with a sign-up form and description of the channel. I'm really happy that some people already became interested and are on the channel.

Feel free to sign-up at audioml.club and meet other people interested in audio and ML!

AudioML.tips blog

This blog audioml.tips is dedicated to people on the crossroads between Audio Processing and Machine Learning. These two fields excite me very much and I have spent there a lot of time. Now I'd like to contribute. The idea is that people from audio/MIR/DSP world could learn more about ML and ML people more about audio.

What content would I like to see here?

  • tutorials on methods, tools, etc.
  • real-world projects
  • interviews with interesting people
  • what's new in the world - awesome papers, projects, tools